AS9100D Certified: Ensuring Aerospace Metals Vendor Trust And Reliability

AS9100D Certified: Ensuring Aerospace Metals Vendor Trust And Reliability

Someone once said, “Mere time on the planet doesn’t mean you know anything.” 

Translated to businesses and, in particular, to aerospace distributors of raw materials, that simply means that just because a company’s been around for a while is no guarantee of quality.

We understand that when it comes to ordering products such as aluminum extrusion material or  stainless steel tubing, for example, you have options. Which is why AAA Air Support has worked diligently for almost 20 years to maintain reliability as a premier manufacturer and distributer of quality raw materials.

Our overarching goal has been to not only earn your trust as a vendor, but to set new standards for customer service and satisfaction through the “relentless pursuit of perfection.

Certifiable Quality Metals

A significant component of that endeavor is our AS9100D certification, which was established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) titled “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations” This certification was issued to us by NSF International, an American product testing, inspection and certification organization.

If you are unfamiliar with the SAE or the AS9100D certification, here is a brief description: 

“This certification is for organizations doing business in the aerospace industry such as manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers. …[R]equirements emphasize the prevention of risk and counterfeit parts, providing a structure that enables businesses to adapt to change, planning for obsolescence, and addressing product safety concerns.”

The SAE provides for this certification to be issued by third party certifying bodies, in our case it was through NSF International. In order for AAA Air Support to maintain our AS9100D certification, we go through regularly scheduled audits where our compliance with the standard is evaluated by the SAE.

What this means for customers is that our company is certified to uphold and adhere to enhanced standards and requirements. The AS9100D certification ensures compliance with ISO 9000, with added requirements for quality and safety. Major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide require compliance with AS9100 as a condition of doing business with them.

The most current version of the certification, AS9100D, incorporated several key changes and additions. Among there were the following: 

  1. Product Safety and Counterfeit Parts Prevention were added as new clauses
  2. The Risk clause was merged with the new ISO 9001 risk requirements along with an increased emphasis on risks in operational processes
  3. Awareness clause was added with reinforced requirements for awareness of individual contribution to product and service quality and safety along with ethical behavior

Another Reason to Choose AAA Air Support 

The aerospace industry has stringent regulations that understandably demands zero-tolerance policies regarding substandard products. This level of quality requirements narrows the field of reliable vendors of raw aerospace metals.

At AAA Air Support, we have understood this from the beginning, and have been consistently focused on meeting and exceeding aerospace industry quality standards. These efforts have allowed us to win awards such as the Boeing Performance Excellence Award and to garner several testimonials from a variety of leading aerospace companies.

By consistently complying with the strict guidelines establish by the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), we maintain a database of comprehensive procedures that we utilize to control and manage the exportation of all our products.

As an ISO9001 and AS9100 registered and certified company, we thoroughly vet all our customers and their respective companies with numerous procedures of qualification at the inquiry level. To accomplish this, our staff is continually trained and updated to keep up with our commitment to total product compliance.

AAA Air Support – Certified Quality, Reliability and Responsiveness

Another aspect of our commitment to quality and reliability is our AOG services.

“Aircraft on Ground”, or AOG, simply means that a repair or maintenance issue is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. AOG is defined as “any failure or discrepancy that grounds an aircraft.” These issues are typically reported within six hours of the normally scheduled departure, which presents an urgent need prevent further delays, or a cancellation of the flight. 

Consequently, there is a usually a high priority for acquiring the parts needed to get the aircraft back into service and on schedule.

AAA Air Support specializes in resolving AOG maintenance needs by providing a quick turnaround for aircraft extrusions, roll form sections, sheet, plate, bar and tube materials. When you have an AOG requirement for raw materials, you need and expect a reliable source.

When it comes to Aircraft on Ground requests, our primary objective is to ensure that your AOG need is quickly and efficiently met, and your aircraft back in service.

Regardless of whether you need 100 feet of an aluminum extrusion product, or just a few feet of stainless-steel tubing, AAA Air Support promises to always ship out your materials quickly and efficiently.

So, we invite you to contact us and let us know how may we be of service?

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