BAC1494-171 Roll Form

BAC1494-171 Roll Form

BAC1494-171 Roll Form is available in various tempers of 2024, 6061, 7075 and 6013.

6013 aluminum alloy is a relatively new medium-strength aerospace alloy that offers high formability, lower density and improved corrosion resistance. The T4 temper allows the 6013 aluminum to be easily formed and provides better stretch forming characteristics than other aerospace aluminum alloys. 6013 parts can be formed in a T4 temper, then aged to a T6 condition, but without costly heat treating or annealing.

The yield strength of 6013 is 12% higher than Alclad 2024 and it is resistant to exfoliation and stress corrosion cracking. Applications for 6013 include fuselage panels, leading and trailing edges and engine cowlings.

AAA Air Support supplies roll form material to BAC1480 standard tolerances unless specified. Our bend radius specification is BAC5300.

Roll form parts start out as a flat sheet that is then run through the roll form process. It eventually comes out as a shaped c-channel and some products might require up to 36 separate tools to form the final shape. AAA Air Support’s production capabilities range from 1-foot lengths to 75-foot lengths. We roll form our products using a wide range of aluminum alloys, titanium and stainless steel.

AAA Air Support is a recognized Stocking Distributor of Aircraft Extrusions and Roll Formed Stringers. We are well versed in the Aerospace market and carry a comprehensive inventory of raw materials which are readily available.

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