BAC 1520-792 7178 T6511 Seat Track

BAC 1520-792 7178 T6511

BAC 1520-792 7178 T6511 is the most common Boeing seat track used in the industry and is available in undrilled and drilled condition. Airline track is also known as L-track or ltrack, a name that originated from its use in the airline industry. The track is installed on the floor of the aircraft, with the seats attaching to the track rather than the aircraft itself.

The seat tracks allow for secure attachment of the seats, while allowing the seats to be moved or removed quickly by simply removing them from the track. BAC 1520-792 7178 T6511 seat tracks are made of Aluminum Alloy 7178, which is comprised of copper and magnesium as primary alloying elements.

This alloy offers uncompromising strength and accommodates a number of different metalworking processes such as machining, welding, and heat treating. When annealed, Aluminum Alloy 7178 offers good machinability and also responds well to resistance welding. Heat treatment should be performed at 875 °F with a subsequent water quenching. After treatment, this alloy gains precipitation hardening which improves its mechanical properties. Heavier thicknesses are formable.

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