BAC1493-852 Roll Form

BAC1493-852 Roll Form

BAC1493-852 Roll Form is available from AAA Air Support in 7075-T62 Clad.

7075-T62 aluminum is a type of 7075 aluminum that has been process for a T62 temper. To achieve this temper, the metal is solution heat-treated and artificially aged until it meets standard mechanical property requirements.

Roll form material from AAA Air Support is supplied to BAC1480 standard tolerances unless specified. We use the bend radius specification of BAC5300.

To produce parts like the BAC1493-852 Roll Form, a strip of sheet metal that starts as a flat sheet is run through the roll form machine. The part emerges as a shaped u-channel at the other end. Depending on what the shape requires, some parts may take as many as 36 separate tools to form the final product. Our production capabilities can produce parts anywhere from 1 foot to 75-foot lengths. A wide range of aluminum alloys, titanium and stainless materials are available for roll form products.

AAA Air Support is a recognized Stocking Distributor of Aircraft Extrusions and Roll Formed Stringers. We are well versed in the Aerospace market and carry a comprehensive inventory of raw materials which are readily available.

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