Seat Track

We offer a variety of airline seat track options for the airline industry, and can help you obtain the type and quantify you require.

Seat track is installed on the floor of the aircraft allowing passenger seats to be attached to the seat track rather than directly to the floor. This allows for secure attachment of the seats, but with the option of moving or removing the seats quickly simply by removing them from the seat tracks as needed.This versatile design has also been adapted for the tie down industry because if offers both secure attachment and endless options.

Our seat tracks are made from high quality grade 7075 and 7050 aircraft aluminum.

We also have a wide selection of seat track covers to choose from, suitable for use with most any aircraft. Seat track covers are used to cover the aluminum seat tracks that the aircraft seats are attached to, and act as a cosmetic cover ensuring the tracks are properly married to the carpet.

In addition, we can supply you with a custom drilled seat track that is anodized. This process provides attractive, minimum-maintenance, exceptionally durable seat track products. Anodizing aluminum converts the metal surface into a porous aluminum oxide, which creates a material with a durable finish and one that can be given a variety color finishes.

Custom drilling gives you more flexibility than standardized seat track and the holes are countersunk to eliminate unusable openings.

AAA Air Support provides a full range of services to meet customer demands for seat track repairs:

  • Cutting Seat Track down to required lengths.
  • Process of mounting seat holes (notches) according to the Boeing structural repair manual (SRM) or customer specification.
  • Surface treatments like the anodizing or painting of final machined seat track segment.
  • Delivery of prepared seat tracks including seat track cover if required.
  • *Customized lengths available on request

BAC 1520 & Miscellaneous Seat Track Shapes

Seat Track Covers & Machined Aircraft Seat Track (Top View)

BAC of the seat track that goes on the bottom of planes where the seats are mounted