Aircraft on Ground – AOG Services from AAA Air Support

Aircraft on Ground – AOG Services from AAA Air Support

Aircraft on Ground – AOG Services from AAA Air Support

The term “Aircraft on Ground”, or AOG, in the aviation maintenance industry, indicates that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. AOG is defined as “any failure or discrepancy that grounds an aircraft”, and is typically reported within six hours of the normally scheduled departure. Because of the urgent need prevent further delays, or even a cancellation of the planned itinerary, there is a typically a rush to acquire the parts to return the aircraft back into service.

When you have Aircraft on Ground requirements for raw materials, you need and expect a reliable source. This is why AAA Air Support specializes in resolving your AOG maintenance needs with a quick turnaround for aircraft extrusions, roll form sections, sheet, plate, bar and tube materials. Our number one objective is to ensure that our customers with AOG needs will be quickly and efficiently serviced, and their aircraft back in service.

We do this in part because of our 7,500 square foot warehouse, conveniently located near LAX Los Angeles airport. Our facility is fully stocked with a massive inventory of various raw materials needed to meet your most crucial requirements. In addition, our products are shipped to both domestic and international locations to supply all repair and maintenance facilities from as small as one hanger to those with several dozen bays.

Our fully staffed Aircraft on Ground desk is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, which means we are prepared to help you with any AOG requirement 24/7. (at 888-538-1300 or

World-Class AOG Inventory, Tools, and Staff – A Winning Combination

As your premier aerospace metal supplier, we have ensured that our Gardena, California facility is equipped with the most advanced processing and warehousing equipment. We constantly strive to provide our expert staff with extensive experience customer service, material handling, processing, packing, and testing.

We adopt a “hands on” approach when your product ships from our facility. We take strict measures in guaranteeing that all materials are preserved and packed, not only in compliance with each customers’ specific requirements, but with packing standards, which exceed industry criteria.

We consider ourselves fortunate to include loyal customers including Spirit AeroSystems, Korean Aerospace Industries, multiple International and Domestic MRO Organizations, and Turkish Aerospace Industries. In addition, we actively support projects for Boeing Commercial Aircraft, as well as their AOG subsidiary jobs, as needed.

While Aircraft on Ground requirements are an essential component of our service offerings, we also offer a variety of aerospace metal supply services. Aerospace roll forming is the area we specialize in. Roll forming involves a coil or strip of metal that continuously passes through shaping rollers and dies to form the desired profile. We manufacture roll form products in various grades of aluminum, steel and titanium. At AAA Air Support we can produce roll form in sections up to 75 feet in length, custom “one off” sections, multiple production runs.

Our Gardena office has the distinct service of on-line ‘live chat’. We encourage customers to check inventory, pricing, lead-times, material certification, and any and all other questions relevant to our industry. We offer, and serve as a convenience to the busy, challenged, and dedicated purchasing agents.

Regardless of whether you need 100 feet of an aluminum extrusion product, or just a few feet of stainless-steel tubing, AAA Air Support promises to always ship out your Aircraft on Ground solution quickly and efficiently, providing your company with the means to get that airplane off the ground and back in the air. How may we be of service?

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