LiveChat With AAA Air Support

LiveChat With AAA Air Support

Can We Talk?  Oh. . . Absolutely; we’re here, and ready to hear you!

We appreciate your frustration of waiting on the phone.  When you’re in a hurry, in immediate need or (worst case scenario) you have an AOG, waiting for an email response; totally unacceptable!

LiveChat Benefits You:

AOG (Aircraft on Ground) has limited sourcing options, with time being the essential component.  Waiting for a return call, being placed on telephone hold, or be waiting for an email response is not an option.  In addition to our fully staffed Aircraft on Ground desk, open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, we proudly, offer the online communication option with our ‘LiveChat’.  This feature allows you to communicate quickly, professionally, efficiently, directly and live with our Sales Team.

With noncritical requirements, this option, is convenient, and technical efficiency of a personal live chat conversation, can answer questions immediately and in real time.

Additionally, there are several other great benefits to you with our LiveChat option:

1.) Bypass long wait times, robotic answering machines, and phone queues; be provided with instant response.

2.) Our highly trained LiveChat agents can interact with you while you search our website, ultimately pointing you in the right direction.

3.) Eighty percent of the time you won’t even need a follow up since your question(s) will be resolved during the chat.

4.) You have the option to ‘give us a grade’ at the end of your chat.  This allows us the opportunity to continually improve, enhance, and increase the quality of our support.

With this clear communication channel of LiveChat you are encouraged to check inventory, pricing, lead-times, material certification, and any and all other questions relevant to product, your specific requirements, and the industry. We offer this as a convenience to you our customers; the busy, challenged, and dedicated purchasing agents.

AAA Air Support boasts a 7,500 square foot warehouse, conveniently located near LAX Los Angeles airport. Our facility is fully stocked, offering an impressive inventory of various raw materials, for the purpose of meeting your most crucial requirements.  We ship our products to both domestic and international locations; supplying repair and maintenance facilities from a ‘one hanger site’ to those with ‘several dozen bays’.

World-Class Inventory, Tools, Communications and Crew

As you’re ‘First Class Aerospace Metal Supplier’, be assured that our Gardena, California facility is equipped with the most advanced shipping, processing, and warehousing equipment.  As a matter of our ‘Corporate Philosophy’, we continually strive to provide, enhance, and train our expert staff with on-going extensive experience in customer service, material handling, processing, packing, and testing.

We adopt a “hands on” approach when your product ships from our facility.  Simply, the standard consists of strict measures in guaranteeing that all materials are accurate, preserved and (safely) packed.  This is seriously handled so that we are not only in compliance with each customers’ specific requirements, but offering packing criteria that exceed industry standards.

Should you need 100 feet of an aluminum extrusion product, just a few feet of stainless-steel tubing, and/or everything else in between, AAA Air Support is committed to shipping out your aircraft metals requirements, quickly, efficiently, and with pride.

Can We Talk?  Oh. . . Absolutely; we’re here, and ready to hear you!

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