1D0164 Aircraft Extrusion

1D0164 Aircraft Extrusion are for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. It is a heavy press H shaped aluminum aircraft extrusion. The alloy and temper is 7150 T61511.

Aircraft extrusions are aluminum alloy metals that are heated up and either pushed or pulled through a die. The 1D0164 is for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft, a company which as you may know merged with their rivals Boeing in 1997.

AAA Air Support is a recognized Stocking Distributor of Aircraft Extrusions with an extensive inventory of raw materials readily available. Our expertise on materials like the 1D0164 Aircraft Extrusion provides value to our customers as it enables us to quickly source material or have it produced at the mill in just a few short weeks.

1D0164 Aircraft Extrusions are available off the shelf for AOG maintenance applications.

For our full range of McDonnell Douglas Aircraft parts please go to our Aerospace Metals Inventory or call the AAA Air Support metals experts at 1-888-538-1300.

1D0164 Aircraft Extrusion