Aerospace Rod & Bar

Aluminum Rod & Bar Supplier

AAA Air Support supplies and distributes Aerospace Rods, Bars and Tubing. Our aerospace metals are typically used in the structure of Air frames as well as different parts of an aircraft like Wings, Tail Sections, Bulk-head, etc. Routinely scheduled “C” and “D” checks, which are required by the FAA often times call for these same materials.

AAA Aerospace are specialist suppliers particularly in AOG situations. We are able to rapidly turn arounf your order from our comprehensive inventory of mentals held in stock in Los Angles. We are located close to LAX and shipping hubs to ensure the fastest shipping of your order.
Aerospace Bar and Rod
Aerospace bar and rod
Aerospace rod and bar is manufactured by several different processes including extrusion, rolling and coiling, or drawn directly from molten aerospace grade metal. Manuacturing shapes the aerospace metal into circular or bar-shaped pieces that can be machined.

Aerospace Metal Tube

Rod and bar – What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between rod and bar aluminum? Both are made by extrusion or a process similar to sheet rolling and stretching through the use of dies. Aluminum rod is circular in shape where bar aluminum can have any number of flat sides.