Precision Grinding

Depending on the method, precision grinding for aerospace parts can be used for high-volume production for applications requiring numerous parts. In addition, certain grinding processes can also be used to rough out large volumes of metal quickly and efficiently.

Precision grinding typically uses an abrasive wheel to remove material from various types of metal parts. While some precision grinding is similar to cutting, the general process is often considered to be a subset of cutting in the metalworking industry.

This is understandable since the abrasives on a grinding wheel function as microscopic cutting edges that shear tiny chips from a metal surface at high speeds.

At AAA Air Support, we can provide a wide variety of grinding processes including:

  • Surface grinding
  • Bar grinding
  • Regrinding
  • Sharpening
  • and several other high precision variations.

As with any metal machining or fabrication process, there are certain metal grinding processes that are better suited to a particular need, which are dependent on the proposed use and the parameters of the part and the application.

The Purpose of Precision Grinding

Simply put, precision grinding processes are used to remove material from a workpiece with the goal of acquiring a desired surface finish or dimension.

Generally speaking, precision grinding processes are regularly used to achieve particularly tight tolerance dimensions on part surfaces.

We have several types of grinding machines so that we can accommodate the many different requirements that precision grinding methods can meet. Some of the reasons why precision grinding is often the best alternative to metal turning or other machining methods include:

  • The type of material being worked
  • The particular surface finish needed
  • The production of small diameters
  • The demand for microscopic tolerances

Precision grinding processes are capable of making very shallow cuts.

This means that, for example, that precision grinding can reduce a part diameter by 0.0005”. In some situations, precision grinding of metal parts can even achieve sub-micron-level tolerances or desired surface finishes on the smallest tube and wire diameters.

The Benefits of Precision Grinding

If your job involves making aerospace products with small metal parts of various sizes and shapes, it is highly likely that our precision metal grinding services can benefit you.

For example, the primary benefit of precision grinding is its ability to produce parts of non-standard thicknesses. In other words, if a specific part comes with a standard thickness of .40 and .50 but your job project requires that part with a thickness of .45, precision grinding from AAA Air Support can easily achieve that. 

And our precision grinding processes can work on a variety of aerospace metal types including bar stock, liners, plates, and blocks.

Your Source for Aerospace Metals Products

AAA Air Support is a manufacturer and stocking distributor of quality raw materials for the Aerospace Industry including roll form stringers and extruded parts, as well many other aluminum, steel and titanium aviation and aerospace products. 

In addition, we provide a full range precision grinding services. Our state-of-the-art grinding machines ensure consistent quality production.

Whether you need 100 feet of aircraft aluminum extrusions, a square foot of titanium, or just a few inches of stainless-steel tubing, AAA Air Support promises to always ship out your order quickly, correct, and efficiently.

Our primary goal is to provide your company with all the materials to complete that project, make the repair, and get that airplane back in the air in challenging AOG situations.

Welcome to including the AAA Air Support Family and thank you for choosing us. As we respectfully ask all our customers, “How may we be of service?”