About Us

High Performance Metals Supplier

AAA Air Support is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Aerospace Quality Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Titanium Roll Form stringers for the aerospace aircraft maintenance markets.

AAA has a relatively small, but very skilled and committed management team who have been working together a long time. There has been almost no turnover of our professional staff in the company’s 18 years of operation. We attribute that loyalty to a host of qualities like our management style, the personal financial stake we have in our business, but most importantly, hard work and creativity in which all voices are heard.

With our new expanded Roll Form manufacturing capabilities we now offer even more flexibility for you. In addition to Roll Form manufacturing for our MRO customers, we also stock a unique range of raw materials in our Los Angeles facility.

Our Philosophy

We are a built on a small, tight knit team of managers open minded to new challenges and opportunities. We are short on ceremony and bureaucracy but long on creativity and innovation. Frank discussions are held and quick answers are provided on important decisions.

Extensive Network of Relationships

We have developed a deep network of business relationships and strategic partnerships that give us an edge in helping grow our business and pass this value on to our customers. Raw material suppliers include Alcoa and Kaiser-Alexco Value added processes used in the production of roll form stringers and semi-finished parts such as heat treatment, chem-film, fluoride phosphate and solid film lubricant.

For over 15 years, AAA Air Support has been a supplier and distributor of standard and non-standard metals used in the Aerospace and Defense industries. We serve both the US and global markets, meeting the stringent quality requirements enforced by both national and international OEM’s and their designated sub-contractors. AAA Air Support is a US Small Business Administration Certified.

Our company strives to set new standards for customer service and satisfaction through the relentless pursuit of perfection. We achieve this through disciplined organization and passion for excellence. Our customers, our suppliers and the members of the AAA Team enjoy a seamless working relationship that is based on the strict adherence to above-the-bar principles, unsurpassed service and complete dependability.

When you do business with AAA Air Support, you will discover why we continue to set industry benchmarks that our competition is measured by.

AAA Air Support offers a full-line of products including:

Stainless Steels
Alloy Steels
High-Temperature Metals
Brass and Bronze Metals

These products are supported by a group of experienced and knowledgeable sales consultants who make the meticulous business of material planning, procurement and after-sales service an enjoyable experience. Each order is treated with special care and our Order Maintenance Desk keeps customers abreast of their order status as needed.

More and more satisfied customers from various companies around the world continue to make AAA Air Support their supplier of choice.