BAC1503 Aircraft Extrusions

BAC1503 Aircraft Extrusions

BAC1503 Extrusion Drawings

BAC1503 aircraft extrusions are primarily made of 7075 T6511 and 2024 T3511 grade aluminium.

BAC1503’s are extruded angles.  They come in 90 degree shapes as well as acute or obtuse configurations. The most common alloy and temper is 7075 T6511 although 2024 T3511 is used often. With the final condition as a heat treated product in 7075 T6511 or 2024 T3511 the application would be maintenance and repair.

If these angles are in either the 7075 0 or 2024 O condition they could be used in new build applications for airplanes and then heat treated or stretched for the appropriate use.

O references the thermal treatment (2024-O has no heat treating). This type of aluminium has a maximum yield strength of 97 MPa (Megapascal), translating to 14,000 psi (pounds per square inch), and an ultimate tensile strength of 140-210 MPa, which is 21-30 ksi (kilo pounds per square inch).

2024 is an aluminium alloy with copper as the primary alloying element; it is frequently used in applications requiring good fatigue resistance, or a high strength-to-weight ratio. This is only weldable through friction welding and has average machinability.

BAC1503 aircraft extrusions have a number of strengths making them desirable products for aircraft applications; it is corrosion-resistant, is very strong and is capable of bending and rolling.

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