Aircraft Extrusions

AAA Air Support is a recognized Stocking Distributor of Aircraft Extrusions and Roll Formed Stringers. After twenty years of serving the industry, we are well versed in the Aerospace market and carry quite an extensive inventory of raw materials readily available. Our expertise on the material provides additional value to our customers because it enables us to quickly source material or have it produced at the mill in just a few short weeks.

Authorized as a distributor for major extrusion mills like Kaiser-Alexco and Alcoa, they provide us with excellent pricing that can be passed down to our customers. In order to meet any unique customer requirement, we maintain excellent relationships with several other manufacturers as well.

An aircraft extrusion is a piece of aluminum alloy metal that is heated up and either pushed or pulled through a die. This process creates shapes with sharp corners like the ones shown on the chart below starting with BAC 1503, BAC 1504, or BAC 1505.

It is easy to confuse aircraft extrusions with related materials such as rolled sections or stringers because the part numbers are similar, but a formed or rolled section of aluminum alloy does not produce a sharp edge.

Formed shapes and rolled sections are different because they start with a flat sheet of aluminum alloy that is either brake formed or rolled into a desired shape, but it cannot be made into a T shape like you get with extrusions.

So, for example, you can see the typical shapes below on our chart for formed sections, including BAC 1490, BAC 1493, and BAC 1498, which have part numbers that are similar to aluminum extrusions, but are produced through a very different process.

Extruded Shapes with BAC Part Numbers

Boeing BAC Aircraft Extrusions

bac1501 aircraft extrusions
Tube, Square and Rectangles
bac1510 aircraft extrusions
Channel, Miscellaneous, Extruded, Unequal Leg
bac1503 aircraft extrusions
BAC1503, BAC1514
Angle, Miscellaneous, Extruded
bac1511 aircraft extrusions
Filler (Solid Bar), Radius, Two End, Extruded
bac1504 aircraft extrusions
Angle, Bulb, Extruded
bac1512 aircraft extrusions
Filler, Radius, One End, Extruded
bac1505 aircraft extrusions
Tee, Extruded
bac1513 aircraft extrusions
Filler, Miscellaneous, Extruded
bac1506 aircraft extrusions
Tee, Miscellaneous, Extruded
bac1517 aircraft extrusions
Zee, Extruded
bac1508 aircraft extrusions
BAC1507 & BAC1508
PI Section, Miscellaneous,
Extruded (Double Leg Tee)
bac1518 aircraft extrusions
“I” and “H”, Extruded
bac1509 aircraft extrusions
Channel, Extruded, Equal Leg
bac1519 aircraft extrusions
Forks and Fittings, Extruded

AND Aircraft Extrusions

and10133 AND Aircraft Extrusions
Angle, Equal Leg, Extruded
and10134 AND Aircraft Extrusions
Angle, Unequal Leg, Extruded
and10135 AND Aircraft Extrusions
Angle, Bulb, Extruded
and10136 AND Aircraft Extrusions
Tee, Extruded
and10137 AND Aircraft Extrusions
Channel, Extruded
and10139 AND Aircraft Extrusions
AND10138 & AND10139
Zee, Equal Leg, Extruded
and10140 AND Aircraft Extrusions
“H” Beam, Extruded
and10141 AND Aircraft Extrusions
Tee Bulb, Extruded