BAC1510-822 Aircraft Extrusion

BAC1510-822 Aircraft Extrusion

BAC1510-822 Aircraft Extrusion is used primarily for Boeing airplanes. The 1510 is a miscellaneous extruded channel that is formed as an unequal leg. It is available from AAA Air Support in 7075- T6511 alloy.

The 7075-aluminum alloy is solution heat-treated, stress relieved, then artificially aged in order to achieve this temper. The stress relief is achieved by stretching the alloy by an amount determine by the type of standard wrought product being made extruded.

The 7075-aluminum alloy is then straightened after the stretching operation. It has the second highest strength compared to the other variants of 7075 aluminum. This temper is closely related to T6510, which cannot be straightened like the T6511.

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