Metal Polishing

AAA Air Support provides a full range of metal of turning, grinding, and polishing services. And with our state- of-the-art lathes, grinding and polishing machines we are able to ensure consistent quality production.

Typically, the final step in finishing a product prior to shipping is polishing.

Metal polishing is a finishing method that uses an abrasive material to smooth surfaces.

The Purpose of Metal Polishing

When polished, the surfaces of metal products, particularly aluminum, are freed of microscopic particles and defects are removed. In addition, many metals become much more reflective and shinier, enhancing their appearance, which can be especially important for outer surfaces of equipment such as aircraft.

Along with the normal methods used for metal polishing, the process can be complemented by metal buffing, which is a less harsh method of polishing that results in a brighter finish.

Metal polishing also serves a practical purpose aside from its cosmetic value. The process removes oxidation from beneath the surface of metal products and prevents further corrosion of the metal, which can significantly prolong its useful life.

The Benefits of Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is a necessary stage in many manufacturing processes, in addition to aerospace applications.

Architectural metal, cookware, kitchenware, metal automobile parts, and handrails for example, are all different types of products that are generally polished before they are put into use. In some cases, metal parts might be polished as part of a general repair or restoration process.

Polishing and buffing can also contribute to environmental health and safety. Buffing, for example, is done to help prevent corrosion in specialty plumbing. When applied to pipes used in the dairy and pharmaceutical industries, it can also destroy bacteria or mold and prevent corrosion, which helps to maintain product safety.

Polishing brings out the shine in metallic surfaces and improves the performance of many essential products.

When it comes to commercial aircraft, in particular, the exterior surfaces of the planes are made up of polished metal components. And many planes retain that finish, leaving the surfaces unpainted and repolishing periodically to remove any corrosion. 

In a trade article, Boeing engineers noted that,

“The decision to paint or polish the metal surfaces of airplanes is based on marketing, economic, and environmental considerations. Although the net operating cost of polished airplanes is slightly more than that of painted airplanes, no compelling reason generally exists to choose one type of livery over the other. The result is a world fleet made up of airplanes with surfaces that are mostly painted, mostly polished, or both painted and polished.”

Your Source for Aerospace Metals Products

AAA Air Support is a manufacturer and stocking distributor of quality raw materials for the Aerospace Industry including roll form stringers and extruded parts, as well many other aluminum, steel and titanium aviation and aerospace products. 

In addition, we provide a full range of precision polishing services. Our state-of-the-art polishing machines and processes help us to ensure consistent quality production.

So, whether you need 100 feet of an aluminum extrusion product, a square foot of titanium, or just a few inches of stainless-steel tubing, you can rely on AAA Air Support.

And we promise to always ship out your order quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

Our primary goal is to provide your company with all the materials to complete that project, make the repair, and get that airplane back in the air in challenging AOG situations.

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