Working With AAA Air Support And LTAs

Working With AAA Air Support And LTAs

As an Aerospace metal supplier we are happy to work with aircraft and aerospace companies across the industry to provide their various raw material needs. 

We are located near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is ideally situated to serve and deliver all of your company’s raw material needs. Our facility is equipped with the most advanced processing and warehousing equipment and our expert staff has extensive experience in material handling, processing, testing, and packing.

All materials are preserved and packed in compliance with each customers’ individual requirements as well our own packing standards which exceed industry standards. 

We offer the same world-class services at our Kansas facility where we maintain a logistical presence for our customers in the Midwest United States. Based in Wichita, “The Air Capital of the World”, our manufacturing plant’s location is ideal for fast shipments worldwide.

Our 15,000 square foot facility produces a wide range of shapes, profiles and rolled sections with Aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium alloys.

LTAs: Why Choose AAA Air Support?

Long Term Agreements, or LTAs, are typically agreements or contracts having a term of more than five years but less than 50 years. The details can vary greatly depending on the industry and the products or services being rendered.

The benefits of LTAs when working with a vendor such as AAA Air Support are numerous.

For example, the LTA allows your company to “lock in” prices for procurable materials which helps you to budget effectively over a longer period of time. In addition, it eliminates unexpected increases in buying prices.

The LTA eliminates ongoing costs for re-tendering, sourcing, and re-negotiating, as well as simplifying long-term logistics planning and administrative tasks. Many aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin and others routinely make use of LTAs in their purchasing arrangements with vendors.

At AAA Air Support, for example, we have LTAs with both American Airlines and United Airlines.

And there are a number of good reasons why companies choose to enter into long term agreements with us. 

AAA Air Support: Roll Form OEM

We specialize in aerospace roll forming, a process that shapes metal to form a desired profile and we can manufacture aerospace roll form sections up to 75 feet long. In addition, we can produce custom one-off sections and limited production runs. Our roll form section products can be made with various grades of aluminum, steel, and titanium.

In addition, we offer a number of additional services for customers:

Custom Sizes and Shearing

You can request material to be cut down to size, which allows us to support smaller requirements as well as saving you time shipping costs.

Custom Packing and PVC Lamination

We offer custom packing for all materials to secure shipments, domestic and international, via air, ground or sea. Export boxing and PVC lamination are also available for extra protection and durability.

Heat Treating and Annealing

Heat treating aluminum is done to improve mechanical properties, while annealing softens the material, reducing stress and allowing for increased workability.

Aluminum Passivation

This process of anodizing aluminum alloys provides an aluminum oxide coating, which helps prevent further oxidation and corrosion.

Chemical Milling

Also known as industrial etching, this manufacturing process uses temperature-regulated etching chemical baths to remove shallow layers of material from large aircraft components and extruded parts for airframes.

Precision Grinding

We provide a variety of grinding processes including surface grinding, bar grinding, regrinding, sharpening and other high precision methods. We provide grinding for aerospace various metals including bar stock, liners, plates and blocks.

Metal Polishing

In addition to grinding, we offer a full range of turning and polishing services. Our state-of-the-art lathes and polishing machines ensure consistent quality production.


We offer trepanning, or deep hole drilling, on alloys and other materials. The process of deep hole drilling leaves the core of the material intact to be used in other applications as well.

Ultrasonic Testing

A non-destructive method for detecting invisible defects in metal alloys and internal flaws, ultrasonic testing ensures that products are ready for use in the most exacting of applications.

Your Industry Experts for Exceptional Service and Availability

We offer a wide variety of aerospace parts and other metal supply services and we specialize in aerospace roll forming. Roll forming is a process that uses a coil or strip of metal, which is continuously passed through shaping rollers and dies to form the desired profile.

We can manufacture roll form products using various grades of aluminum, steel and titanium and we can produce roll form in sections up to 75 feet in length, custom “one off” sections and multiple production runs.

Our Gardena, California office offers on-line ‘live chat’ through our website and we encourage customers to make use of this convenient tool to check inventory, pricing, lead-times, material certification, and any and all other questions relevant to our industry. We offer this function as a convenience to busy, challenged, and dedicated purchasing agents.

No matter whether you need 100 feet of an aluminum alloy product, 100 square feet of plate, a few feet of stainless-steel tubing, or just some sheets of clad aluminum, promises to always ship out your part orders quickly and efficiently.

AAA Air Support’s goal always is to provide your company with the means to complete that project or get that airplane off the ground and back in the air.

Our goal always is to provide your company with the means to complete that project or get that airplane back in the air in AOG situations.

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