AAA Air Support Is Nationwide – And International

AAA Air Support Is Nationwide – And International

We are a tight-knit and streamlined enterprise that takes pride not only in our extensive expertise and experience as an aerospace metal supplier, but in our international reach. 

AAA Air Support’s main campus is strategically situated near Los Angeles International Airport, which allows us to serve and deliver all your company’s raw material metal requirements quickly and efficiently. 

In addition, our sister facility houses our state-of-the-art production and is located just outside Wichita, Kansas, known as the airplane manufacturing capital of the world. This allows us to provide a logistical presence for our customers in the Midwest region of the United States and in many Pacific Rim nations.

The greater Wichita area is home to some of the world’s largest aviation and aerospace manufacturers including such names as Beechcraft, Cessna, Airbus, Bombardier Learjet, Spirit AeroSystems, along with more than 450 world-class suppliers. 

International Sales and AAA Air Support

AAA Air Support is a world-class manufacturer and stocking distributor of quality raw metal materials. Our products include roll formed stringers, aluminum extruded parts, and other aluminum, steel, and titanium products commonly used in the Aerospace industry.

We have a large domestic and international presence and some of our larger customers include Korean Aerospace Industries, Spirit AeroSystems, and Turkish Aerospace Industries, with our products often being used with supporting jobs for Boeing Commercial Aircraft.

Because we have successfully established and maintained a broad network of global and U.S. business relationships and strategic partnerships, this has contributed significantly to our growth as a business and, as a result, we are able to provide even greater value to our customers.

AAA Air Support – What We Do and How

For almost two decades, AAA Air Support has supplied and distributed both standard and non-standard metals for use in the Aerospace and Defense aviation industries. By meeting and often exceeding the stringent quality requirements enforced by both national and international OEM’s and their designated sub-contractors, we have been able to continually serve both the US and global markets.

In addition, AAA Air Support is a certified US Small Business Administration business.

We continually work to support our international sales representatives by setting new standards for customer service and satisfaction. We have achieved this through our relentless pursuit of perfection, our commitment to being a disciplined organization, and with passion for excellence.

As a result, our customers, our suppliers, our international sales reps, and all the members of our AAA Team experience a world-class working relationship; one that is supported by our strict adherence to our corporate values and principles, our unsurpassed service, and our total and complete reliability and dependability.

All of this simply means that, when you do business with one of our international sales representatives, you will experience why AAA Air Support continues to set the industry benchmarks that our competitors are measured by.

Your Global Industry Experts for Aviation and Aerospace Metal Products

We offer a wide variety of aerospace parts and other metal supply services and we specialize in aerospace roll forming. Roll forming is a process that uses a coil or strip of metal, which is continuously passed through shaping rollers and dies to form the desired profile.

We can manufacture roll form products using various grades of aluminum, steel and titanium and we can produce roll form in sections up to 75 feet in length, custom “one off” sections and multiple production runs.

Our Gardena, California office offers on-line ‘live chat’ through our website and we encourage customers to make use of this convenient tool to check inventory, pricing, lead-times, material certification, and any and all other questions relevant to our industry. We offer this function as a convenience to busy, challenged, and dedicated purchasing agents.

No matter whether you need 100 feet of an aluminum alloy product, 100 square feet of plate, a few feet of stainless-steel tubing, or just some sheets of clad aluminum, promises to always ship out your part orders quickly and efficiently.

AAA Air Support’s goal always is to provide your company with the means to complete that project or get that airplane off the ground and back in the air.

Our goal always is to provide your company with the means to complete that project or get that airplane back in the air in AOG situations.

INTERNATIONAL Sales Representatives:


Thirumoorthie (Bones) Pillay +27 (83) 233-7592

Vinesh Pillay +27 (76) 209 8016



Sherman Hooi 60 13 3366551

Jave Hooi 60 16 6966260



Paul Lee (626) 965 5900 86 13683602813


Europe / Middle East:

Theo Stoke

31 634048834



Ajay Singh

+91 9711113999



Shuichi Miya

+81 90 21594037



Gio Kim gkim@aaaairsupport




Javier Vazquez

+52 (55) 5796 0156


South America:

Mirella Sader-Borges

+55 (11) 99900 9220


Malaysia Airlines:

Kandasamy Munuan 011 601 237 47345



Lee Wai Mun 65 9186 6223

Ting Thiam Huat Zack 65 6540 5722


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