AAA Air Support Is International – Aerospace Industry Mexico

AAA Air Support Is International – Aerospace Industry Mexico

AAA Air Support continues to develop, expand, and establish strong and vital ties with the growing international aerospace industry; building a highly commendable reputation among various members of the aerospace field.

Having established their solid leadership in the aerospace market here in the United States, AAA Air Support continues their growth making great strides in the global aerospace aviation markets

Among the various international aerospace customers, Mexico is an emerging leader in creating aerospace clusters; groups of manufacturers, thriving as parts suppliers, logistics, training, and various support organizations.

These groups work together to meet the requirements of the international aerospace industry within their own country.  In Mexico, according to one source, the key clusters are based in Sonora, Baja California, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, and Queretaro.

A primary reason for Mexico’s emergence as a leader in the aerospace manufacturing sector, is the fact that Mexico’s labor costs are 40 to 50 percent lower than those in the United States.  It has also been shown recently that, as wages in Mexico grow, their overall productivity is on the increase.

A Brief Look at the Aerospace Industry in Mexico

According to some recent figures available from the U.S. International Trade Administration, in 2020, it was estimated that the Mexico aerospace industry received almost USD$2 billion in imports from the U.S. alone.  Their total exports for that year were estimated to be close to USD$3.6 billion.

The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that, 

“The aerospace industry is relatively young in Mexico, but its roots are deep.  In the State of Baja California, for example, one firm has been in the market for more than 60 years, and aerospace is one of its leading business divisions.  Mexico’s aerospace industry is an excellent example of growth, foreign investment attraction, and job creation.

Based on the most recent available official figures from the Mexican Aerospace Industry Federation (Federación Mexicana de la Industria Aerospacial or FEMIA), the industry experienced 14 percent average annual export growth from 2004–2019, was responsible for the creation of more than 63,000 jobs, and accounted for up to USD 6 billion in accumulated direct foreign investment (2007–2017).”

In addition, Mexico’s aerospace sector has grown from just 100 manufacturing firms and organizations in 2004, to almost 370 by 2020, according to FEMIA estimates. Today these enterprises are comprised primarily of manufacturers, maintenance-repair-overhaul facilities (MROs), technical schools, research centers, universities, and related service providers.

These categories break down as follows:

  • 79 percent of all firms are manufacturers
  • 10 percent focus on design and engineering
  • 11 percent are in MRO services

A Brief Look at International Airports and Ground Support in Mexico

With a population of approximately 131,560,000 people, the nation also draws a tourist population of close to eight million visitors with 2019 statistics.

Among the busiest international airports throughout Mexico, the top five for passenger include:

Location 2021 Passengers

  • Mexico City International Airport 36,028,389
  • Cancún International Airport 22,318,467
  • Guadalajara International Airport 12,208,828
  • Tijuana International Airport 9,665,844
  • Monterrey International Airport 8,269,834

According to one public relations source, MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supply) is a key industry segment in Mexico and is now the largest revenue generator for the aerospace industry in the country.

The top leading companies of aerospace industry in Mexico market are the Boeing Company, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Bombardier Inc., Safran, DAHER, Honeywell International Inc., GKN Aerospace, Raytheon Technologies Corporation, GE Aviation, Eaton Corporation, Mexicana MRO Service, and others.

In addition, one aerospace industry forecast notes that,

“Many companies have established their manufacturing locations in Mexico over the years.  Major aerospace manufacturers, like Honeywell, Cessna, Safran, Bombardier Inc., General Electric, EATON Corporation, Goodrich Corporation ITP, PCC Aerostructures, etc., have their manufacturing locations in the country.”

AAA Air Support Offers Exceptional International Service and Material Availability.

We offer a wide variety of aerospace parts in addition to other metal supply services.

We manufacture roll form products using various grades of aluminum, steel, and titanium.  Our team can produce roll form in sections up to 75 feet in length, custom “one off” sections and multiple production runs.

Our approach to product shipments is intensely “hands on,” systematized, and success driven.

When product ships from our facility, we take strict measures to guarantee that all materials are properly certified, preserved and packed in compliance with each customers’ specific requirements.  Our proprietary packing standards far exceed industry basic standards.

We are proud of our relationships with our loyal customers.

These include (to mention a few), Korean Aerospace Industries, Spirit AeroSystems, United and American Airlines, and Turkish Aerospace Industries.  We also work extremely closely with multiple international and domestic MRO Organizations.  In addition, AAA Air Support actively participates in multiple projects for Boeing Commercial Aircraft which include many of their Aircraft on Ground (AOG) subsidiary jobs.

Our Gardena, California office offers on-line ‘live chat’ through our website.  We encourage customers to use this convenient tool to check inventory, pricing, lead-times, material certification, and any and all other questions relevant to our industry.  This offer is for our respect and a convenience to busy, challenged, and dedicated purchasing agents.

No matter whether you need 100 feet of an aluminum alloy product, or just a few sheets of clad aluminum, AAA Air Support promises to always ship out your part orders quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to provide your company with the means to complete the project and / or get the airplane off the ground and back into air service.

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