NASA, SpaceX, and Spacecraft Manufacturing Support

NASA, SpaceX, and Spacecraft Manufacturing Support

Imagine that it’s been almost 120 years since the Wright Brothers succeeded in making the first sustained flight; a manned heavier-than-air powered and controlled aircraft.  That airplane was unlike anything flying today, using extraordinarily little in the way of metal materials.

Additionally, it is almost as hard to believe that it has been 20 years – two whole decades – since Elon Musk founded his company SpaceX; March 14, 2002, in El Segundo, California.  His latest spacecraft are constructed of various types of metals, composites, and other materials.

Initially, the spacecraft engineering, manufacturing, and launch efforts ended with repeated failures.  This left him, and his other holdings near bankruptcy.  Today however, SpaceX is the leader in private space travel.

At the end of April, 2022, Elon Musk and SpaceX completed the longest consecutive record of orbital launches without a mission failure or partial failure for a single rocket type.  120 launches of their Falcon 9, a reusable heavier lift vehicle.

Obtaining raw materials and precision parts, reliably and on time, is essential for SpaceX.  AAA Air Support is proud to have served their needs.

AAA Air Support, SpaceX, and NASA – Providing the Parts Required for Space Exploration

From high quality raw materials for production, or custom, roll formed stringers, AAA Air Support has the resources, operations, and knowledge to meet the need.

The transition from parts and materials for atmosphere-bound craft to orbital craft is a progressive step for our business, and a significant leap for our future.  Focusing on the advanced tolerances, requirements, and specifications needed by NASA, SpaceX, and other commercial spaceflight firms, propels us into the newest realm of aerospace support.

With three decades of experience, AAA Air Support is in the business of manufacturing aircraft parts and equipment; years longer than Elon Musk has been reaching for the stars.

We have, and continue to develop a broad network of business relationships, services, and strategic partnerships.  These vital long-standing relationships help grow our business, allowing us to pass this enhanced value on to our customers.

Our raw material suppliers include industry giants such as Arconic (Alcoa) and Kaiser-Alexco.  We incorporate unique, value-added processes, used in the production of roll form stringers and semi-finished parts.  These include (not limited to) heat treatment, chem-film, fluoride phosphate, and the use of solid film lubricant.

AAA Air Support is a domestic and international supplier, and distributor, of standard and non-standard metals used in the Aerospace and Defense industries.  Serving both the US and global markets, requires that we excel at meeting the stringent quality requirements enforced by both national and international OEM’s and their designated sub-contractors.

AAA Air Support Offers Exceptional Service and Reliability for Spacecraft Manufacturers

We offer a wide variety of aerospace parts and other metal supply services; specializing in aerospace roll forming.  Roll forming, is a process that uses a coil or strip of metal, which is continuously passed through shaping rollers and dies, to form the desired profile.

AAA Air Support manufactures roll form products using various grades of aluminum, steel, and titanium.  Additionally, we produce roll form in sections up to 75 feet in length, custom “one off” sections, and multiple production runs.

Our approach to product shipments is intensely “hands on,” systematized, and success driven.

When product ships from our facility, be confident that we have taken strict measures to guarantee that all materials are properly certified, preserved, and packed; compliant with each customers’ specific requirements.  Our proprietary packing standards far exceed basic industry’s criteria, finishing with ‘impeccable customer service’.

AAA Air Support takes pride in our ongoing customer relationships.

These include Korean Aerospace Industries, Spirit AeroSystems, United and American Airlines, Airbus Defense, and Turkish Aerospace Industries, as well as NASA and SpaceX.  Our focus is also successfully working with multiple international and domestic MRO Organizations and all the timely customer service they require.

In addition, AAA Air Support actively participates in multiple projects for Boeing Commercial Aircraft, including many of their Aircraft on Ground (AOG) subsidiary projects.

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