BAC1500 Formed Sections and Aircraft Extrusions

BAC1500 Formed Sections and Aircraft ExtrusionsBAC1500 formed sections and aircraft extrusions are a non-standard formed hat or channel and are available in sheet specifications in 2024, 7075 and 6061. Read our blog for more information on the nuances of the different aluminum alloys: 7075 vs 2024 vs 6061.

While most often used for making new aircraft parts, the BAC1500 7075 T62 clad can also be used for maintenance purposes.

BAC1500 aircraft extrusions have a number of strengths making them desirable products for aircraft applications; it is corrosion-resistant, is very strong and is capable of bending and rolling. This product is available in lengths from 1 foot to 30 feet long.

AAA Air Support is a recognized Stocking Distributor of Aircraft Extrusions and Roll Formed Stringers with an extensive inventory of raw materials readily available. Our expertise on the material provides additional value to our customers because it enables us to quickly source material or have it produced at the mill in just a few short weeks.

For our full range of BAC1500 formed sections and aircraft extrusions go to our Aerospace Metals Inventory or call the AAA Air Support metals experts at 1-888-538-1300