AAA Air Support and Helicopter MRO And Manufacturing

AAA Air Support and Helicopter MRO And Manufacturing

AAA Air Support has long been an instrumental and important facet of the aerospace and aviation industry. And a rapidly growing segment of that industry is Helicopter MRO and manufacturing. 

Some of the key helicopter market trends include significant growth. For example, Fortune Business Insights reports that,

“The global helicopter market size is expected to grow from $48.74 billion in 2022 to $74.46 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 6.24%  in forecast period, 2022-2029.”

In addition, the market is showing increased recovery from economic restraints and decreased industrial output resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic also disrupted supply chains in the general aviation industry, including rotorcraft, which resulted in a 20 percent drop in overall bookings.

Fortunately, unlike many other manufacturers, Textron Bell Inc., based in Fort Worth, Texas, reported that the COVID-19 pandemic had not disrupted Bell’s manufacturing or day-to-day operations. 

The forecasted growth of the North American helicopter market is illustrated in the chart below:

Trends and Drivers in the Helicopter Market

Along with steadily increasing growth in both the US market and global markets, the forecasted trends and drivers include an increase in the adoption of Single Engine Operative (SEO) Mode, which allows a twin engine helicopter to shut down one of its engines while in cruise to save fuel and restart it again rapidly when needed.

These rotorcraft are intended to supplement flight-by-wire with mechanical flight control.

In addition, the industry is expected to see and increased demand for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopters. The market is also primed for a significant increase in emerging Helicopter MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul)

As an entry in Wikipedia notes,

“Aircraft maintenance is the performance of tasks required to ensure the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft or aircraft part, including overhaul, inspection, replacement, defect rectification, and the embodiment of modifications, compliance with airworthiness directives and repair.” 

The MRO market for helicopters is already seeing an increase in activity and demand for materials and inventory.

One MRO expert was quoted recently as saying,

“The upward trend in flight activity in North America and across the world will drive helicopters into maintenance facilities to overhaul dynamic components, repair instruments, or refinish rotor blades. Combined with an increase in aftermarket sales, I would expect MROs to be busy this year with pre-purchase inspections and customizations for new owners.”

And another expert from the UK added, 

“I expect there to be longer lead times on new helicopter orders due to increased demand. This may be offset by bringing more aircraft out of storage to support the offshore market. There will likely also be additional growth in the EMS, search and rescue, offshore renewables and VIP markets, with the AW109, 169 and H145 D3 proving popular.”

AAA Air Support and Helicopter MRO

With a long and highly regarded history as a manufacturer and stocking distributor of quality raw materials for the aerospace industry, AAA Air Support is perfectly positioned to provide raw materials for the helicopter MRO industry, as well. 

In particular, we are well equipped and experienced with producing and providing rolled sections. In addition to providing roll form stringers and aluminum extrusions, we can produce many other types of aluminum, steel, and titanium products.

Some of the distinguished helicopter and rotorcraft companies we work with include:

  • Airbus Helicopters
  • Weatherford Aerospace
  • Bell Textron Inc.
  • Rotorcraft Support Inc.
  • Precision Heli-Support, LLC

Over time, all aircraft require repair and maintenance, and helicopters are no exception. After a certain period of time, helicopters often require a full overhaul. However, in the interim, all helicopters need routine maintenance and the manufacture of new part.

And AAA Air Support is ready to provide the raw materials and parts required to keep those rotorcraft up and running.

AAA Air Support Offers Exceptional Service and materials for Helicopter Manufacturers

We offer a wide variety of rotorcraft and other aerospace parts and metal supply services specializing in aerospace roll forming.  Roll forming is a process that uses a coil or strip of metal, which is continuously passed through shaping rollers and dies, to form the desired profile.

AAA Air Support manufactures roll form products using various grades of aluminum, steel, and titanium. Additionally, we produce roll form in sections up to 75 feet in length, custom “one off” sections, and multiple production runs.

Our process for product shipments is “hands on,” highly systematized, and designed for reliability.

When a product ships from our facility, customers can be confident that AAA has taken strict measures to guarantee that all materials are properly certified, preserved, packed, and compliant with their specific requirements.

In fact, our proprietary packing standards far exceed the basic industry’s criteria – which is all part of our mission to provide ‘impeccable customer service’.

AAA Air Support takes pride in our ongoing rotorcraft and helicopter manufacturer relationships.

These include Airbus Helicopters, Weatherford Aerospace Inc., Bell Textron Inc., Precision Heli-Support LLC, and Rotorcraft Support Inc. Our focus is successfully working with multiple international and domestic helicopter MRO organizations and all the timely customer service they require.

If you need 100 feet of an aluminum extrusion product, a square foot of titanium, or just a few inches of stainless-steel tubing, AAA Air Support promises to ship out your order quickly and correctly. Our primary goal is to provide your company with the materials you need to complete your project or make the repair needed to get an aircraft back in the air in challenging AOG situations.

As we say to all of our customers:  “Thank you for choosing us! How may we be of service?”

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